The projects pursued by IBSA to support Parenting are an example of its goal of making people the focus of all its activities, providing support to women, men and couples facing the difficult task of parenting.

In today’s society, which is continually and rapidly evolving, parenthood is taking a range of new, different forms: new families with children from previous marriages, families with children born through assisted fertilization, de facto couples, single-parent families, mixed families, and families with children adopted nationally and internationally, to name but a few. Even the roles of mother and father can be switched from one parent to the other or there may even be an extended group of people that intervene to “care for” the children.

Parenting is a dynamic process that teaches us how to care for and respond adequately to the needs of others, children in particular, but not exclusively. This journey, in fact, not only concerns the idea of being real parents, but rather it is an autonomous psychological space that is constantly evolving, forming part of the development of each and every one of us. Caring is one of the stages of human growth, but it is also a mental and relational dimension in which a person's emotional history, ability to experience dynamic relationships, relationships with norms and society, and ability to change and be changed, etc. converge.

Within such a broad definition, caring for someone can also mean relationships other than that of a mother/father and child. In a society where our life expectancy is constantly increasing, there is an ever-higher number of children that are being called upon to look after aging parents, no longer able to look after themselves. Hence, children are experiencing a reversal of dynamics and roles that results in them becoming the parents of their own parents. Parenting roles, such as for example, providing emotional support and protection are therefore played by the children themselves: a particularly complex and difficult reversal to actually experience, especially from an emotional point of view.

Parenting is therefore a fundamental stage in everyone’s life, a complex and dynamic web that forms part of our existence.

IBSA carefully observes the multiple implications of parenting and how it affects the different stages of our lives with great interest. For this reason, it promotes projects and supports initiatives – targeted at employees and the communities in which it operates – that make a real contribution towards experiencing parenting during its different stages with awareness and peace of mind, always in respect of specific personal preferences.